8.5L Ultimate Safe® Digital Home Safe

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    8.5L Ultimate Safe® Digital Home Office Safe Box8.5L Ultimate Safe® Digital Home Office Safe


    • HIGH SECURITY - this safe has been designed with the goal to provide a high level of security for storing your valuables. Both the body and the lock have outstanding features that are more commonly seen on more expensive models. The body of the safe has an extended structural frame with dedicated insertion slots for the locking bolts. The lock itself has three thick 20mm anti-crowbar/pry locking bolts, making it resistant to brute force attacks with crow/pry bars and chisels.
    • RELIABLE DIGITAL AUTHENTICATION - this keypad safe comes with a digital lock that can be operated by a custom access code, which you can program into the safe. Inputting the correct PIN code gives you instant access. After the safe has been unlocked, simply twist the dial to open the door.
    • BACKUP ACCESS - your safe comes with a backup access method. There is a physical emergency override key (two keys supplied), which goes into a hidden key hole on the front.
    • DURABLE FINISH - this safe is powder coated in matte black paint, which is scratch resistant and will last the lifetime of the safe.
    • EASY INSTALLATION - your electronic home safe can be fixed to the wall or floor in a secured location for better protection. Comes with 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and base, along with fixing bolts and instructions. A clear and easy-to-understand manual. External dimensions: 20cm(H) * 31cm(W) * 20cm(D).


    The Ultimate Safe® Digital Safe Is The Most Secure Digital Safe at This Price Point

    A common failure point for ALL digital safes (other than Ultimate Safe® Models) is their weak frame, which can bend under an applied force. The body of all Ultimate Safe® Digital models are made from premium steel with a 1.5mm body thickness, the frame has been designed to be stiffer and features integrated insertion slots for the locking pins, making it virtually impossible to have any sort of leverage to be applied or be able to force your way in. Ultimate Safe® has created and designed this unique feature which is protected by intellectual property rights.

    3 Anti-pry slots in the body of the 8.5L digital safe

    Detailed Information

    The Ultimate Safe® 8.5L electronic digital home safe can keep your valuables safe and out of reach in the event of a burglary. Our clients trust these safes to store handguns, ammunition, jewelry, identity and other sensitive documents, money, bank cards, electronic devices, RSA authenticator key fobs, keys, and other items.

    8.5L Ultimate Safe® Home Safe with Digital Lock

    Ultimate Safe® Digital home safes offer you the highest level of security at this price point, protecting your valuables from theft, while at the same time providing you with a seamless experience by eliminating the need for physical keys in everyday use.

    Multiple people can be granted access via additional programmable PIN codes. Access codes can be from 3 to 8 digits long. Longer PIN codes are recommended for your security.

    Secure digital authentication can deter most unauthorized entry attempts, but there can be situations where brute force is applied. It is precisely in these situations where a good safe stands out. The Ultimate Safe® 8.5L is designed to withstand sustained assault - we have conducted extensive tests which included brute force entry attempts with crow/pry bars and chisels, where the safe passed with flying colors due to its sturdy construction and smart design:

    • A critical component of any safe is its lock. This is why Ultimate Safe® digital home safes are equipped with a new deadbolt locking mechanism with 3 solid steel 20mm anti-crow/pry bar bolts - our patented Triple Blade Lock®:

    Triple Blade Lock® Logo

    In order to ensure that you will have access to your valuables under any circumstances, the safe has a manual emergency override key lock (the safe comes with two keys). Keep your emergency keys in a secure location that is not in close proximity to the safe. Never Leave your emergency key in the safe.

    The 8.5L has a premium look thanks to its matte black finish and premium digital keypad design. The sleek round silver facia doubles as a door opener that you can twist. The beautifully engraved pattern on the outer edge provides grip and also complements the upscale look, which is befitting of any room or interior setting.

    8.5L home safe with premium digital keypad

    The interior of this digital home safe features carpeting that is gentle on your valuables.

    This digital home safe can be fixed to the wall or floor in a secured location for better protection. It has 4 pre-drilled holes in the back and base for securing it onto the wall or floor. Fixing bolts are included.

    8.5L digital home safe with 4-AA batteries included 8.5L digital safe with 2 keys

    Your safe comes supplied with 2 override keys and 4 AA batteries included in the package.

    The weight of your Ultimate Safe® security safe is 5.9 Kg. The overall approximate dimensions are 20cm(H) * 31cm(W) * 20cm(D). Internal volume: 8.5L.

    Electronic Home Safe  8.5  L with Digital Keypad Dimensions

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